VI har Kattungar <3

SE*Prana's Edha                     Stamtavla / Pedigree            S*Little L's Albedo

This was Edhas choice, she select of some males but she really didn't like them so much!!! 
She was not very nice to the males, one get a sore ear. I think she already fell in deeply love in Albedo when he was a baby. Thank you Sylvia on Little L's for letting your white prince meet Edha <3

Australien Litter Born 2016-05-13

SE*Prana's Alice SpringsHona / Femalen 03 23Bokad / Booked
SE*Prana's SydneyHona / Femalew63Bokad / Booked
SE*Prana's BrisbaneHane / Malen 03 22Bokad / booked
SE*Prana's AlexandriaHona / Femalen 22Bokad/Booked
SE*Prana's DarwinHane / Malen 23Bokad / Bokked