Kattungar födda 2015-07-11

Namn Betydelse Kön EMS Status
SE*Prana's Jafar Flöde, flod Hane/Male n 09 22 Flyttat till Fam. Goréus i Malmö
SE*Prana's Jamini Natt Hona/Female a 03 22 Bokad
SE*Prana's Jivanti Ger Liv Hona/Female a 03 22 Flyttat till fam. Kvant - Gesmays

If you are interested in a kitten from us feel free to contact me 

I'm very happy for this mating and it's dedicated to a very warm and good couple, Fred Schara and Andrea Pinto. It was the summer 2013 when Fred, Andrea and their son Martin come and spend a week with us in sweden and we had a very nice time. They had bring some kitten for a show in Denmark and one they sold to Norway. When they where time to leave Fred wanted Minny to stay and he belived alot on Minny and XL as a couple
So before we neutered XL he met Minny and with alot of luck we are now waiting kittens in the end of July <3

Alot of kisses and hugs for my dear dear friend Fred and Andrea <3 <3